Jacob Learns To Fly

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Jacob is a very special owl. He has special needs and requires unique approaches in learning how to live. He has no interest in flying. He is content with just watching the water gently flow by in the stream under his nest.

His sister Geneva finds a way to use his love of water to teach him how to fly. This book is great for siblings and peers of special needs friends. It is meant to help them understand that learning can be quite the struggle for some of our friends. It also encourages them to find unique ways to engage with their special friends.

2 reviews for Jacob Learns To Fly

  1. Andrea

    Jacob learns to fly is a lovely story that breaks down the questions on how we can help children better understand how to interact with those with special needs. The message this brings to children is wonderfully written in a story to convey how different life may be for their peers, friends, or even family. You don’t need to know someone with special needs to benefit from the lesson.
    Aside from its message, this book is a great gift for anyone you may know. You wouldn’t believe how just simply mentioning the message to other parents how quickly they can think of someone who would benefit from its lesson. I have found it to also be a great tool to share with the educators in our life. It has been Our go to teacher gift – and it has brought joy to many classrooms.

    I will never stop recommending this resource and story to all. Thank you Karing Kritters !

  2. Sarah K

    As an early childhood teacher, I’m always in search of books that aid as teaching tools for inclusion, empathy and kindness in an engaging, organic way, so I’m beyond grateful to have Jacob Learns to Fly in our little library. Special needs acceptance fosters positive connections for everyone and seeing the benefit that has already come from having this book in our classroom, has been beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart and your important message with the world, Amanda Russell through this touching story. We are so excited for what’s to come from Karing Kritters!!!

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